Board Officers

President: Forrest Harmsen: 515-266-1488

1st Vice President: John Edwards: 515-313-8386 (Membership & Newsletter Editor)

2nd Vice President:   OPEN   (Monthly Program & Special Meetings Organizing)

3rd Vice President: Frank Lisbona: 515-202-3071

Secretary: Larry Champlin: 515-961-3312

Treasurer: Carol Putney: 515-229-3655

Board Members

3 Years

Mark Sly: 515-745-4221

Jerry Saunders

2 Years

Jim Hansen: 515-961-7550

Larry Champlin: 515-961-3312

1 Year

Elden Royer: 515-993-3465

Edwin Hymer: 515-981-3006

Immediate Past President:  Dixie Johnson: 515-238-3624


Support Program Leadership

Historian: Jay Cramer: 515-964-5085

Sunshine Girl: Gayle Sibert: 515-771-5561 (Contact for illnesses, deaths and other member items)

Trip Chairman: OPEN


Greenfield Swap Meet

Chair: Andrea Woodruff: 402-699-5093

Publicity Chair: OPEN

Car Council Representatives:  Wayne & Ruth Henderson: 641-743-6394

Outreach Chair: Dixie Johnson: 515-238-3624 (Nominations for Office and Charitable Giving)

Harrigan Award: Jim McDonald